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Personal Purpose Candles by Raven These can be ordered anytime through the month but NOTE: I make them over the Full Moon. Example... If the Moon is on the 14th and you order on the 5th. I will make them on the 14th and then I have them on average sit for 3 days depending the spell's purpose and needs. I mail right after that. So if you want one before the Moon please order the month before. Candles are made during the 7 Full Moon Cycle. Three days before, Three days after and the day of. Candles are made by Raven by using "Old Way" Magick including, Witchcraft, spell craft, Voodoo and Hoodoo... Feel Free to contact me with your needs. Each candle is made for its individual user and request. Please be sure to let me know if you have any allergies to certain scents, oils, flowers and etc. Candles are $15 Each, Photos are just a couple of examples, please remember candles are made to order and always one of a kind for your personal needs. These are my biggest projects and I love making them, so feel free to challenge me :)

Candle Warning** these candles are made with herbs, oils, gems, coins, nails and so much more... It is very important that you read the warning labels that come with and burn with care!!! We are not responsible for damage to you, yours or property due to badly chose burning responsibility.

Blessings and Light Sweet Winds through Life! ~Mama Raven~ ravenscupboard3@gmail.com text 218-410-1000

IMPORTANT NOTE: Photos are examples... Every candle is ONE OF A KIND